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Hardware repair policy at Cell Phone Doctor in Belleville,ON :

Our company is not responsible for manufacture warranties that may affected by our services. Our company does not hold any sort of liability for secondary parts that may be defective by liquid or physical damage. Customers are advised to backup all data (including contacts, pictures, applications etc.) before leaving their device for repair. For backup options please ask the representative for details.

Repair Warranty Terms & Conditions:


Handset repairs performed at our repair facility carry a 30-day warranty policy for repaired part(s) if part(s) is deemed defective at time of repair or within 30 days of normal use. Parts must be in original condition with no signs of altercation or physical damage. Mobile devices that have been opened by anyone other than our technicians will void this warranty agreement.
- For parts that are deemed defective and fall within the conditions listed above will be replaced at no additional cost.

Secondary problems that may arise after a repair will be assessed separate of any previous repair done on the device. This will be charged in accordance to the part and labor costs of the particular problem. Any sort of liquid or physical damage that affects any previous repair will be assessed separately as such cases void our warranty policy.

Reclaiming your Device:

All customers are advised of the expected repair period needed at time of delivery. Devices that are not reclaimed within 60 days of completed repair are subject to recycling by our facility. Customer is advised to notify our store representative if they expect to reclaim their device after the listed time period. Our company will not hold any responsibility for devices that have been recycled after this period.

Products Warranty:

Below are the details of the warranty (return/exchange) policy for products that are purchased at our retail stores.
Products that are used as device components contain no return policy. Exchanges can be processed within 7-days of purchase only if part is sealed with all original packaging and receipt. If packaging is open or part is used, exchange will not be processed. Parts will not be exchanged after the 7-day purchase day period.

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